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UB Learns


2/22 - UB Learns defeated by Chapel Hill Heroes in Embarrassing Fashion


Tim Moriarty led the team with 14 points, and Andy Pappano added 11 as UB Learns was crushed by the Chapel Hill Heroes 80-35. The 45 point defeat was considerably worse than last week's 55-20 drubbing at the hands of the Blazers. The game started out on a sour note, as the referee told UB Learns of the opposition's dominance. "He told us the betting line was 42 points, little did we know they would actually the cover the spread," commented a dejected Ken Heidle. The ref wasn't lying, and the Chapel Hill Heroes scored on each of its first 4 possessions. "We weren't even playing that badly. We were working the ball around well, not turning it over, we just weren't hitting our open shots," said Pappano.

It went downhill from there. Down 9-0, team captain Pete Ruocco reinjured his shoulder attempting to make a pass. It appeared that he dislocated his shoulder and immediately rushed off the court during the play. "The arm popped out of its socket, I couldn't even move it. I had to pop it back in in the hallway. It is not good," Ruocco said. UB Learns was not allowed to sub on the fly, which can be attributed to questionable officiating.

Down 45-19 at the midway point, the second half looked to be an uphill battle. With Ruocco sidelined, leading scorers Pappano and Moriarty started the half on the bench. Lacking a point guard, UB Learns began the half with 8 turnovers on 10 possessions. "That was my fault. As the captain and coach, I should have known to keep either Tim or Andy on the floor. It won't happen again," Ruocco stated later. They were each substituted in, and the second half was not even close, as the final was 80-35. Pastore finished third with 6 points, and was a rebounding force once again.

Despite the 0-2 start, some players still have high hopes. Andrew Kaplan told us, "this weeks game was quite the let down, as we expected to turn our season around. The guys left the gym with their heads down, but don't count out team UB Learns, we're a group of tough guys that play our hearts out, we will be sure to win next week." Strong words from the guard, who will battle for a starting role with other reserve guard Ben Clarin this week.

Let's hope for better results next week.