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#45 Andy Pappano


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Position: Guard
Hometown: Grand Island, NY
High School: St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
Major: Business Management
NBA Player Comparison: Michael Redd


The team's assistant captain, Pappano is easily the star of the squad. He has an uncanny ability to knock down 3-pointers, and when he gets hot, there is no stopping him. He is the only player on the team capable of scoring 20 ppg consistently. Also, he is a good dribbler, definitely the best on the team, although he is better suited to the SG position. Fundamentally sound, he, along with Ruocco, is a good defender. And despite the fact that he is one of the shorter players, he is the best jumper on the team.


He doesn't have many weaknesses, but his frustration could be considered one. Once he gets on a cold streak, he tends to shoot mercilessly, good or bad. He sometimes has an Adam Morrison mentality - star on the offensive side, lazy defender. Also, although 5'10", he is a mere 130 pounds. If forced to handle taller players with more size inside, he will be at a disadvantage.