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#42 Pete Ruocco


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Position: Guard
Hometown: Grand Island, NY
High School: Canisius High School
Major: Business Management
NBA Player Comparison: Bruce Bowen


Ruocco is the team captain and its starting point guard. He is a very cerebral player, and rarely makes a bad decision. A deft passer with excellent court vision, he usually makes the right decision and is able to feed the ball into tight spaces. However, his best asset is his strong defense. Utilizing his low center of gravity and quick lateral motion, he is one of the team's best one-on-one defenders. He is likely to rack up the steals.


He is an extremely inconsistent shooter, but counters this by only taking wide open shots and layups. His dribbling could use improvement, but he works on it constantly. And perhaps the most obvious weakness is his physical weakness. One of the team's shortest players, and not very muscular, he tends to rely on fundamentals when vying for a rebound or defending larger players in the post. However, fundamentals can only get you so far.